Send out files. Stay in control.

Great ideas tend to spread. That's awesome, unless of course it's YOUR ideas and you didn't mean for them to spread. Then spreading means you might not get paid.

Enter iDefendo. iDefendo lets you share files on your terms. We make it clear to your recipients that what you've shared is valuable and that we're guarding it for you. And we track every email, download and click.

Send files with confidence. We'll keep an eye on them for you.


iDefendo Junior is free to use

  •  Send and receive files up to 2GB |
  •  Send files to multiple recipients |
  •  Protect files with Blockchain-backed iDefendo Shield certificates |
  •  Complete logs |
  •  Monitor and track shares in real-time |
  •  Password protect shares |
  •  Modify and delete shares after you've sent them

Get even more peace of mind with iDefendo Plus




  •  Send and receive up to 30GB
  •  Store up to 1,000 GB data
  •  Historical share information
  •  Easy access to all iDefendo Shield certificates
  •  User-configurable share expiry time
  •  Optional download experience branding
  • everything in the free iDefendo Junior
Upgrade to Plus now!

iDefendo Business – Enterprise grade intellectual property protection




  •  No size limits on shared files
  •  Store up to 2,000 GB data
  •  Work in teams and invite colleagues
  •  Customize your design
  •  Advanced share tracking dashboards
  •  Set your own terms and conditions for shares
  •  Cloud storage (for example DropBox) integrations
  • everything in iDefendo Plus
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