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With iDefendo Junior, you can send files up to 2GB, optionally require password before allowing a download, and protect the files you share with iDefendo Shield™. And you can send up to five files to up to five recipients.

All this is free. But if you want to send more files to more people, or if you need total control over your assets, store up to 2,000GB, customize email and download pages with your own branding, get complete logs of everything that happens to your files, prove your timeline, integrate with DropBox and work seamlessly with your colleagues, you should get iDefendo Plus or iDefendo Business. iDefendo Plus is built for power users who are serious about sharing files, and iDefendo Business is specifically built for companies and organizations who need complete control over their branding, and who might work in teams.

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iDefendo lets you share your ideas safely

We love ideas, and the sharing of ideas. We love innovation, and that one person can create something new by using parts created by others. We love collaborative work, where people who might never physically meet can create beautiful, valuable, entertaining or profound things together.

Our mission is to enable this sharing and collaboration. We believe that people who can trust that their contributions will be attributable to them are going to be more willing to share; that they dare to share. It doesn't have to be about money, although it can be. Open source and open hardware companies thrive on open innovation where people make great things together, working towards a shared vision. We want these people to be able to point to their contributions and say "Look, I did that!". Whether or not they are economically compensated for their contributions is not the point, the important thing is trust: if you contribute you should feel secure in the knowledge that your contribution will be recognized; that sharing is not a risk.

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