Document any multistep process

iDefendo Timeline is basically two things: blockchain-based reliable time stamps that we call Digital Witnesses and logically linked sets of Digital Witnesses that make up what we call Timelines.


How you benefit

Proof of ownership

Place your content on record within a blockchain

Risk reduction

Provide indisputable proof of provenance and authenticity


Create reliable and immutable chains of occurrences

A Digital Witness logically links data, a time stamp, and a signature. It allows the technology to mathematically prove the link between these three pieces of information, and blockchain technology then allows us to make the time stamp verifiable. Each Digital Witness is selfvalidating as long as the original document remains available.

A Timeline adds a time dimension to our Digital Witnesses by linking multiple Witnesses to each other in chronological order. A Timeline is like a blockchain in its own right and offers math-based tamper evidence. Timelines are used to document multistep processes – each step in a timeline can be the latest step in some other timeline.

A secure and immutable history of all transactions gives involved stakeholders an evidence trail of occurrences – evidence that could prove to be vital should issues arise.