A safe place for your important documents

iDefendo Vault™ is designed from the ground up to help users keep their important files safe. A file in your Vault is never overwritten by a newer version; instead, a new version is added that links to the nearest older version in a chain that can have as many links as you need.


How you benefit

Enhanced control

Secure important files with blockchain technology

Increased safety

Constant backup and complete version history

Ease application

Connect to existing cloud storage services

iDefendo Vault can be used on its own. But it can also be connected to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. When it is, iDefendo Vault will track your files and create Vault copies of them automatically in the background as you keep working with the tools and systems you already use.

Our Digital Witnesses™ also automatically document your file activities. As soon as a new file or version is added to your Vault, a Digital Witness is created. You can focus on creating content while we protect it.