Create Digital Witnesses on the go with a mobile app

When you need to prove that something really happened, what do you do? You could hope that people will believe you – that your word will be good enough. Or you could get a witness who corroborates your story so you can prove that what you say is true.


How you benefit

Risk reduction

Create indisputable evidence of authenticity using blockchain technology


Provide stakeholders with immutable proof without the need of an intermediary


Build confidence in oral agreements by placing them on a blockchain

Witn.us lets you prove things by creating Digital Witnesses. Just like human witnesses, they provide supporting evidence that makes it more likely that you will be believed.

It works like this: using the app, you choose ”Create Witness” and record what you want the witness to see or hear. You snap a picture or record video or audio of it, and we create and store a Digital Witness for you. The Digital Witness is added to a blockchain database, making its time stamp unchangeable.

If you later need to prove that the picture, video, or audio recording existed when the time stamp says it did, all you have to do is present it and its accompanying Digital Witness as evidence that what you say is true.

For example: say that you’re renting a car. Before you drive off, you notice a dent in the door. You use the Witn.us app to take a picture of the dent, and a Digital Witness is created. When you return the car, the rental car company claims that you caused the dent and must pay for it. Without the evidence that Witn.us has created for you, it would be the company’s word against yours. But armed with the picture of the dent and the Digital Witness, you can PROVE that the dent existed before you drove off because you can prove that the time stamp is correct.

Here is another example: You hire a contractor to add an electrical outlet on your patio and agree to pay them a certain amount of money for doing the job. Using Witn.us, you can record a short video clip of yourself describing the work you want done and the sum you have agreed to pay and the contractor confirming agreement to the terms. Later, if you think that the contractor didn’t deliver as agreed, you have the video and a Digital Witness as proof of the agreement.