Cookie & Local Storage Policy

This website uses “Cookies” and “LocalStorage” to help provide a better user experience. Cookies are small text files placed on your device. In general, cookies are used to store user preferences and to provide anonymized tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics, and cookies are transmitted between your browser and our servers on each page load. LocalStorage is a standardized method that lets a website store small amounts of data within the browser in such a way that the data can be read back and/or updated on subsequent page loads or visits. LocalStorage data is not transmitted automatically between browser and servers; it is instead accessed by JavaScript running in the browser. Each website you visit that stores data in LocalStorage can only access information that it has itself created; data stored by other websites is inaccessible and invisible.

As a rule, cookies and LocalStorage make your browsing experience better, and certain aspects and features of our website will not function without them. For example, without Cookies and LocalStorage you will not be able to register, log in or use the service as a logged in user. However, if you prefer to disable cookies and LocalStorage on this website or others your browser has features that will let you accomplish that. The process is different for different browsers, and we suggest you consult the Help section of your browser for more information.

Users of this website are deemed to consent to the use of Cookies and LocalStorage if these technologies are enabled in their browsers.