Secure your communications with Doculock, powered by Blockchain

Fight misinformation and fake news. With Doculock by Idefendo, you can prove, with certainty, whether a file or document is identical with the version you issued.
protect your business against deepfakes with blockchain
secure your documents with doculock

Protect your business against misinformation and fake news

With corporate communications published in your own website’s media section you can be relatively certain that what is published there is true to the original (unless your site is hacked or a sneaky employee makes edits of course).

But what about media releases in PDF format you sent out, and even more easily editable Word and Power Point documents?

Anyone with a computer and desktop publishing tools can edit documents, such as a press release, certificate or diploma, and cause harm to your business. Adding fuel to the fire is the emergence of deepfakes: highly convincing but fraudulent audio, photo, and video content, created by AI, with the potential to cost businesses tens of millions of dollars.

With Doculock you can prove, with certainty, whether a document or file someone has in their hands, or should we say, on their screens, is identical with what you released, or not.

Misinformation and fake news is costing businesses billions

According to DeepTrust Alliance, a global network to tackle deepfakes and disinformation, companies are spending billions of dollars repairing corporate reputation and financial misinformation due to disinformation. Contact us to see how we can help combat misinformation.

How can we help?

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