Audit logs for any data source. Powered by Blockchain

Evitrace is an audit log tool, using blockchain technology, to create tamper evident and courts admissible proof. It records all events in virtual data rooms, Sharepoint or any other data source used in the M&A or due diligence process, and stores the activity log in an immutable way.  Intuitive vizualisation tools makes it effortless to, even when files are downloaded to another medium, to find and validate exactly the evidence you need, among large amounts of data.

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The evidence you need, powered by Blockchain.

Evitrace is an add-on audit log tool, that runs automatically behind the scenes in your HighQ VDR, Sharepoint, Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive and a multitude of other systems, recording all activity in the background.

Tamper Proof. Evitrace uses encryption and blockchain technology, to ensure the audit log it generates cannot be deleted, edited, misconfigured, corrupted, or compromised in any way. The audit log Evitrace generates is tamper-evident and court-admissible.

Validation is independent of the medium. When the M&A or due diligence process in the data room is finished, the audit log generated by Evitrace can be downloaded and distributed to all stakeholders. Documents can be validated even after the data room is closed, even if you have downloaded them to another medium. Even the slightest change to the data or the timestamp will cause the validation to fail.

GDPR Compliant. Evitrace uses blockchain technology to make it tamper-proof. A Blockchain database is by design immutable, so data added to it can never be altered or removed. Evitrace is nonetheless GDPR compliant. The system doesn’t store your actual documents in blockchain databases, only the “fingerprints” of your data.

Vizualisation Tools. Intuitive vizualisation tools makes it easy to find the data or activity you need, among vast amounts of information. For more information, please contact us for a demo.

Which apps and systems can I integrate with Evitrace?

Evitrace can be integrated with most of the virtual data rooms used in the M&A or due diligence process. Evitrace can also be set up to work with most of the day-to-day business tools and data sources legal firms and their clients use. Evitrace can be set up to run in the background of many other data sources, either directly or through our API. If you would like to know if Evitrace can be integrated with your system, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About iDefendo

iDefendo is a tech company providing blockchain-based solutions that benefit a wide range of industries.

Our technology, Digital Witnesses, creates a blockchain-based trace trail giving stakeholders immutable data of transactions and provenance.

The Digital Witnesses can help companies in the legal sector to prove if documents have been distorted, retail and manufacturing industries that their products are manufactured in a sustainable way, creative companies can prove ownership of digital assets. This enables businesses to increase the trust, transparency and efficiency of their operations.

iDefendo was founded in Sweden in 2015. Today we have offices in Stockholm and in San Francisco. Our strategic partners are located in India, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Our collaborations include law firms, brand owners, intellectual property–intensive businesses, packaging companies and performance-rights organisations worldwide. As members of the International Trademark Association’s Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, iDefendo is working to develop and advocate for related anti-counterfeiting policies and to promote better cooperation between the private and public sectors to advance protection against counterfeiting. We are always interested in finding new ways to co-create and expand the application of our technology. If you have an idea, please contact us at
For our clients, acquiring knowledge is of utmost importance to their operations, and securing that information and using it optimally are critical, now more than ever before. ASA is teaming with iDefendo to offer joint knowledge and technology to clients, suggesting countless areas where iDefendo’s Digital Witnesses can be of great value and assistance to companies and individuals who need to protect IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance, and prove data existence and provenance.
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Ajay Sahni Associates

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