Intellectual Property Solutions

Intellectual property is a key value generator that contributes greatly to the success of companies in competitive markets.

With regard to finding the right balance between the interests of innovators and the wider public interest, the IP system creates an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. As reports from the World Intellectual Property Organization1 show, IP-intensive industries contribute almost 40% of GDP in the United States and 42% of total economic activity in the European Union.

But with the growing economic importance of intellectual property come increasing economic incentives for counterfeiting and fraud. Protecting a company’s IP effectively is crucial. Counterfeiting and theft must be directly targeted as the threats they are to sustainable IPbased business models.


Intellectual Property Solutions

How you benefit

Proof of ownership

Secure content and put your ownership beyond question by providing indisputable proof of provenance

Increased trust

Any question about who was first to invent a component or product would be easily answered with the blockchain time stamp

More control

Protect your IP with an immutable trail of occurrences that is indisputable evidence

Whenever IP adds economic value to rights holders, products become targets of counterfeit and fraud. A wide range of products are affected, from designs, innovations, and advertisements to common consumer products and business-to-business goods.

IP management is a complex, challenging process. iDefendo’s blockchain-based solutions will help companies protect and secure their IP, no matter what business they are in. By providing reliable evidence, iDefendo’s solutions quickly and effectively help secure IP by delivering trust and transparency and establishing the authenticity of products or transactions and the integrity of data. Since data entries in the blockchain are immutable and time-stamped, iDefendo’s solutions enable individuals and companies to identify their innovations, prove ownership of their content, and place them on record within a blockchain.

iDefendo’s solutions have the potential to connect different ledgers and data points while maintaining data integrity among multiple participants by permitting access to only certain data by agreement. With quick access to reliable data, trust and communication among the involved parties improves and decision-making is much more effective.

Indisputable proof of provenance and authenticity mitigates risk. A secure and immutable history of all transactions gives stakeholders an evidence trail of occurrences that will be very useful if issues arise.

“For the IP sector, embracing the power of digital presents huge, transformative possibilities. The IP industry is faced with two choices: to embrace this new epoch or risk being left behind.”

Yifeng Song Managing Director, Asia Pacific, CPA Global From: IP and the fourth industrial revolution, White Paper 2019

IP-intensive industries contribute almost 40% of the GDP in the United States and 42% of total economic activity in the European Union.

World Intellectual Property Organization Intellectual property rights intensive industries and economic performance in the European Union

”While shouting your success from the rooftops is appealing, before you do, you need to consider how best to protect what you have worked so hard to develop.”

Forbes 10 Effective Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property, 2018