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iDefendo partners with Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters partners with iDefendo

iDefendo is partnering with one of the world’s leading providers of news, business information services and information-based tools to professionals – Thomson Reuters.

“We are happy to see that Thomson Reuters recognizes the extended need for our technology. Our solutions are applicable to a wide range of businesses and with the simplicity of the integration of our APIs, companies can quickly take advantage of the many benefits the blockchain technology offers”, said Peter Jidesten, CEO and co-founder of iDefendo.

iDefendo creates Digital Witnesses™ that can be applied to any kind of datapoint. This provides stakeholders with an immutable trace-trail of transactions that allows companies to demonstrate authenticity, transparency, and undisputable traceability.

“More companies are discovering the competitive advantages of blockchain technology and we believe that the partnership with iDefendo will create great benefits”, said Martin Rohde, Thomson Reuter’s manager for Strategic Partnerships in Europe.