The Legal Toolkit Solution

iDefendo’s Legal Toolkit offers law firms a comprehensible blockchain solution that automatically secures and protects sensitive business information and intellectual property.

While the Legal Toolkit undoubtedly creates great value for the firm itself, it also serves as a part of the firm’s digital service offering to clients. It expands the firm’s digital service offering and increases the value of its clients’ intangible assets and sensitive business information by creating security, immutable traceability, proof and trust.

The Legal Toolkit Solution

How you benefit

Affordable digital solution

Easily and quickly integrated into existing systems

Increased trust and control

Secure information with an immutable history of transactions

Expanded service offering

Protect clients’ IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance, and prove the existence and provenance of data

The role of technology in the legal business is expanding rapidly, putting pressure on firms to differentiate their service offerings to remain competitive and attractive. As a result, many law firms are uncovering the concrete advantages that blockchain technology offers to the firm and its clients. Since data entries in the blockchain are immutable and time-stamped, they allow users to prove ownership of their content, identify their innovations and connect them to a permanent record within a blockchain. Any kind of information can be stored, making the technology applicable to a wide range of business sectors. Based on distributed consensus, the blockchain technology helps all parties agree on value and transaction consistency.

Being responsible of intellectual property and other sensitive business information demands a high level of control. Many law firms serve as an entry point to their client’s sensitive information but have trouble maintaining the required level of security. Whenever intellectual property adds economic value to rights holders, products become targets of counterfeiting and fraud. A wide range of products lose value each year, from designs, innovations, and advertisements to common consumer products and business-to-business goods.

The implementation of the Legal Toolkit is an effective way to automatically integrate security into business practices. The solutions are quickly and easily layered onto existing data sources and provide a secure and immutable trail of all types of transaction events. With this increased control of transactions, the risk of fraudulent activities and human error are significantly reduced.

The trail of transaction occurrences provides stakeholders and clients with tamper-proof evidence that can be instantly downloaded in the form of a legal evidence binder. In case of a document ownership conflict, the legal binder can be used to validate copyright claims, stated intentions, ownership of IP and contractual agreements. The evidence binder can also serve as a key component in demonstrating corporate compliance with rules and regulations.

Trusting people with sensitive material is risky, but when the ownership is protected, risk is mitigated. With the Legal Toolkit, the sender increases control of the content shared by customising their own terms of download consent and tracking all actions taken by the recipient.

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The Legal Toolkit includes the iDefendo Vault and Transfer solutions. When used together, they secure and protect sensitive business information and intellectual property, while demonstrating integrity and trust. Since our technology is applied on top of the users’ existing data sources, there is no need to change your current data system which means that our white label solution can be implemented quickly. To create the greatest advantages for both firm and clients, iDefendo provides all the technical support and training necessary to support the firm.

“For our clients, acquiring knowledge is of utmost importance to their operations, and securing that information and using it optimally are critical, now more than ever before. ASA is teaming with iDefendo to offer joint knowledge and technology to clients, suggesting countless areas where iDefendo’s Digital Witnesses can be of great value and assistance to companies and individuals who need to protect IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance, and prove data existence and provenance.”

Ankit Sahni, Ajay Sahni Associates